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Welcome to Snapfinger Enterprises LLC Snap Help Desk!

Jill Hyland, Owner Snapfinger Enterprises LLC

We know how important getting help is when dealing with online companies. We want to provide the best help for your situation in a swift manner.

Please submit a ticket so we can help resolve your issue. Submitting a ticket is more helpful that emailing because there are too many programs, ISPs and email software that block email. You may have received an answer by email but you will never know if your email is blocking us.

So submit your ticket here and if you don't hear anything shortly from us as you should receive an email, you can always come back here and view your ticket.

We have many different websites and programs so if you do not find the one you are looking for in the Categories, just click on General but please make sure to tell us what program or website you are having a problem with.

We do have a contact page on this website in case there are any glitches where this ticket system isn't working, which we hope will never happen.